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Simplifying Mileage Tracking: Differentiating Personal and Business Use with MileIQ and Everlance

July 13, 2023


Accurate mileage tracking is crucial for maximizing deductions and ensuring compliance with tax regulations. To simplify this process, it is important to understand the differences between personal and business mileage. This blog post will explore MileIQ and Everlance, two trusted mobile apps that can help you differentiate between personal and business use mileage.

Understanding Personal vs. Business Use Mileage:

Before we dive into the apps, let's clarify the distinction between personal and business mileage:

  1. Personal Use Mileage: Personal use mileage refers to the miles driven for non-business purposes, such as commuting, running personal errands, or going on family trips. Generally, personal mileage is not tax-deductible.

  2. Business Use Mileage: Business use mileage includes miles driven for work-related activities like client meetings, business errands, or traveling to off-site locations. Business mileage is usually tax-deductible, subject to specific rules and limitations.

MileIQ: Simplifying Mileage Tracking for Personal and Business Use

MileIQ is an exceptional mobile app simplifying mileage tracking for personal and business use. Here's how it can help:

  1. Automatic Trip Detection: MileIQ employs advanced GPS technology to detect and log your trips automatically. This feature saves you time and ensures accurate mileage records, regardless of whether the trip is for personal or business use.

  2. Clear Trip Categorization: With MileIQ, you can easily categorize your trips as personal or business with a simple swipe. This intuitive categorization feature streamlines the process of differentiating between personal and business use mileage, allowing for accurate tax deductions.

  3. Comprehensive Reporting: The app generates detailed mileage reports that can be exported for tax purposes. These reports provide a clear overview of your mileage records, making it easier to claim business mileage deductions while maintaining a clear separation from personal use mileage.

Everlance: Streamlining Business Mileage Tracking

Everlance is a powerful mobile app that focuses on simplifying business mileage tracking. Here are some notable features:

  1. Automatic Tracking: Like MileIQ, Everlance utilizes GPS technology to track and record your trips automatically. This ensures precise mileage logs for your business use mileage, eliminating the need for manual tracking and reducing the risk of errors.

  2. Customizable Categories: Everlance allows you to create customized categories tailored to your business needs. This flexibility enables you to categorize trips based on different business activities or purposes, making it easy to accurately identify and track your business mileage.

  3. Expense Tracking: Besides mileage tracking, Everlance offers robust expense tracking features. This integration allows you to record and categorize business-related expenses alongside your mileage, providing a comprehensive view of your business costs for improved expense management and tax reporting.


Accurate mileage tracking is vital for maximizing tax deductions and maintaining compliance with tax regulations. By utilizing mobile apps like MileIQ and Everlance, you can simplify differentiating between personal and business use mileage.

MileIQ excels at providing automatic trip detection and intuitive trip categorization, making it suitable for personal and business mileage tracking. Everlance, on the other hand, offers customizable categories and expense-tracking features, making it particularly beneficial for tracking business mileage and related expenses.

Consider your specific needs and preferences when choosing between MileIQ and Everlance. Stay informed about their latest features, pricing, and updates to make an informed decision that aligns with your requirements.

Consult a trusted tax professional to understand any specific tax regulations or deductions applicable to your circumstances.

Simplify your mileage tracking today with the help of these trusted apps, and make tax time a breeze!

Zeb Elkinton

Chief Operating Officer

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