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HD Vest Client Account

Are You Receiving Too Much Paper?

Go paperless!
Accessing all of your account documents online is easy and cost nothing.

Important reminder: You should be logged in to a computer with Internet access during the entire enrollment process.

  1. Go to and call Access Online at (866) 552-3312.

  2. The service rep will authenticate the client using questions including but not limited to first and last name, mailing address, advisor’s name, date of birth and Social Security number (SSN).

  3. The service rep will confirm that you are fully verified and you can complete the enrollment process while on the phone with the service rep.

  4. The service rep will generate a temporary access code (TAC) for you.
    • Important note: TAC is only valid for 10 minutes.

  5. During the first login you will enter your SSN for your username and the TAC just provided as your initial password.

  6. The service rep will validate that you have successfully authenticated.

  7. You will then be prompted to sign the Online Account Agreement (OAA) and you will need to create your permanent username and password.

  8. Once you have successfully reached the brokerage site, the service rep will inform you to set up your preferences.  Use the Delivery Preferences option under the My Profile section of the Customer Service tab to enroll for online documents.

  9. Average servicing time for Access Online enrollment calls, from beginning to end, is roughly 10 minutes.
Please call Michelle at 541.753.4185 if you have any questions regarding this process.